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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can give feedback on Lead India?

Anyone who wants to give their feedback on Lead India, must have to log in as a user or advocate.

How can you give your feedback on Lead India?

Very simple steps you need to follow to give feedback - You must have to log-in to our website at “”. You can log in as a user or advocate. Click on “Give Feedback” & rate our services.

What are the benefits of giving feedback?

Your Feedback plays an important role in improving the services offered by Lead India. It will help us in different ways -

1) Your feedback can motivate us

2) Help us to provide high-quality legal services to our clients

3) Genuine feedback will also help others.

Why feedbacks are important?

Feedbacks are very important for any company -

1) Genuine feedbacks will motivate the company employees.

2) Other people can know about our services.

3) Help us to avoid any major mistakes.

4) Improve the quality of services.

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