What Is The Procedure For Registration Of A Company?

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Documents Required:

  1. PAN Card (Indian Nationals)
  2. Passport (Foreign Nationals)
  3. Address of director
  4. Proof of residence
  5. Minimum amount of capital required
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What Is Company

When compared to other organizations, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a Company is that it gains the distinct character of being a legal entity in its own right. A company's existence is distinct from the existence of its members. It has the ability to own real estate, open bank accounts, borrow money, incur debt, and enter into contracts. A Company's other distinguishing feature is that it continues to operate despite the death or change of its members until it is wound up under the Act's provisions.

Requirements For Registration

  • Directors as per the requirement of type of Company
  • A Unique name
  • Capital as per type of Company
  • A registered office of a company


List of Documents required for the Registration

  • Passport in case the Director is an NRI or a Foreign National
  • PAN card
  • Id Proof of the Director (Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License or Voter ID Card)
  • Specimen impression or signature of the Director
  • Utility bills (electricity bill, phone/mobile bill etc.)
  • Copy of current bank account statement
  • Copy of rental agreement (in case of rented business premises)
  • A certificate of no-objection from the owner of the property (in case of rented business premises)
  • Copy of Sale deed or other proof of property (in case of own business premises)


What is the procedure for registration?
  • Applying for a Digital Signature Certificate and Digital Identification Number

This is required for e-application while applying for the Company. The partners or directors have to apply for a DSC and DIN along with all the Id proofs and address proofs.

  • Applying for the Company Name

More than one name has to be submitted to the Registrar so that he has a choice to pick a name that is not already registered or similar to the existing companies or trademarks.

  • Filings with the MCA

Following documents have to be filed with the MCA:

1. SPICe Form,
3. DSC of the Director and the professional

The PAN and TAN need not be filed separately, they would be generated automatically after the incorporation of the company.

  • Applying for Certificate of Incorporation of the Company

After the name of the Company has been approved and the DSC and DIN are acquired the Director has to file for the Incorporation of the Company with the Registrar by paying the prescribed fees, after due verification, the Registrar issues the Certificate of Incorporation, post which the business can be commenced.


What are the advantages of registration?

  • Low Compliance – A registered Company has a lesser compliance burden. The Act has granted certain exemptions for the Company like the cash flow statements needn’t be prepared or a secretary need not be appointed to sign the cash flow registers etc.
  • Perpetuity – The Company would have a perpetual succession and a legal status independent of its director which would ensure that its existence and operation does not end with the Director.

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FAQs On Company Registration

The person proposing to be a director has to be a Citizen of India or a resident of India.

Here are the numerous kinds of agencies you could sign in in India One Person Company (OPC) Private Limited Company Public Limited Company Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Non-Profit Organizations.
It depends on the type of company you choose to register.

For ease of doing business and making India an investor-pleasant country, the Government of India has amended the vintage Companies Act and has provided you with the brand-new Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015. Highlights of this new Act are:

  • No minimum paid-up capital is needed to begin a Private Limited Company in India. 
  • The want to acquire the Commencement of Business Certificate post-registration has been withdrawn withinside the new Act. 
  • The not unusual place seal has come to be non-obligatory now and signatures of the Directors are acceptable.
An NRI must provide proof of identification, address, and Indian origin documents in order to register a Private Limited Company or a Public Limited Company. Every one of these documents must be attested by an Indian embassy or a notary public in India.

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