Advocate Adapa Sudhakar Rao

Advocate Adapa Sudhakar Rao
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I am Advocate Adapa Sudhakar Rao and received my law degree.

Over the past 22 years, I have given clients knowledge and resources. I am a pro at handling difficult situations. I practice at Visakhapatnam Dist Cons. Court and a member of the Bar Council (AP/1818/2001) My area of expertise includes Agreements, Anticipatory Bail, Any Legal Notice, Bail, and Business Compliance. I practice, consult, and offer advice in this profession. As counsel, I offer guidance to businesses and individuals, recognizing compliance with legal challenges and creating unique solutions for coping with complex situations.

Enrollment Number : AP/1818/2001


Visakhapatnam Consumer Court

Experience & Specialization


The ability to design agreements is crucial because they must contain all necessary elements and protect the interests of all parties. I assist my clients in keeping all the necessary elements in their contracts, and they are always satisfied with the results.?

Anticipatory Bail

There are certain offenses that are nonbailable in nature and need certain help in their anticipatory bail filing before the Higher court or lower court

Any Legal Notice

I create all types of legal notices for the needs of my clients, and any situation requiring legal assistance always begins with the creation of a legal notice to begin the process.


There are many clients who were falsely trapped in the legal case and got arrested, I help them get bail release on time

Business Compliance

I am an experienced corporate compliance lawyer, I helped my clients thru their complicated company's ethics and compliance program.

Cheque Bounce

With my thorough knowledge of the Negotiable Instrument Act and practical experience of cases cheque bounce, I helped my clients with their cases

Consumer Court Issue

Many clients approached me regarding a dispute involving pay discrimination at their places of work, and I fully informed them about how to file a complaint in the NCDRC forum with the necessary laws.

Couple Protection

I faced several newlyweds who were subjected to harassment from those who weren't supportive. By submitting an application to the High Court, I assist them in obtaining protection from the police.

Court Marriage

With my extensive experience in court marriages, I was able to provide my clients of various religions with the knowledge and legal requirements they needed to engage in court marriages.


I have years of serious experience, which makes me the greatest criminal?lawyer for cases involving serious offenses, and I offer the best support and service to my clients.

Criminal Matter

I assist clients who are dissatisfied with court rulings in criminal cases and wish to appeal to the higher court by raising an appeal on their behalf.

High Court

In many scenarios, my clients were not fully content with the lower courts order, so I assisted them with further appealing their cases to the high court

Muslim Divorce

I help my clientele from the Muslim community with their divorce and settlement issues thanks to my knowledge and practical experience in?Islamic law.

NRI Property Issue

Due to the owners' distance from the properties, NRI-owned properties are very challenging to manage. They struggle to maintain ownership, but I am an expert in dealing with NRI Property Transfer and possession of NRI property and illegal possession of property issues and work on these on a regular basis.

Real Estate

?My Clients were forced to enter a legal dispute with the builder and real estate developer after suffering financial losses as a result of numerous postponed projects and finding it challenging to invest in real estate. I assist my customers with their problems because of my extensive understanding of real estate legislation.

Session Court

I am an expert lawyer with vast knowledge and deals in all kind of criminal cases in session court, giving satisfactory resolution was part of my job

Statement at Police Station

Many clients asked me for assistance because they needed a lawyer who could aid them in recording their statements at the police station. I help them to the best of my knowledge

Reviews & Recommendations

Aman Singh
21 Jul 2023
I contacted a few law firms before, finally I chose to lead India . The way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. I am very grateful for their excellent job.

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