Advocate Ajee Rajappan

Advocate Ajee Rajappan
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I am Advocate Ajee Rajappan and received my law degree.

Over the past 25 Years , I have given clients knowledge and resources. I am pro at handling difficult situations. I practice at District Court Kollam and a member of the Bar Council (K/1121/1998) My area of expertise includes the Accident Insurance Issue, Anticipatory Bail, Any Legal Notice, Appeal Divorce, Arbitration & Mediation. I practice, consult, and offer advice in this profession. In my capacity as counsel, I offer guidance to both businesses and individuals, recognizing compliance with legal challenges and creating unique solutions for coping with complex situations.

Enrollment Number : K/1121/1998


District Court Kollam

Experience & Specialization

Accident Insurance Issue

Many of my clients were having trouble filing insurance claims in the event of accidents; I assist my clients in doing this with the best knowledge.

Anticipatory Bail

I provided assistance to my clients in matters involving anticipatory bail filing before the High Court or District Court for offenses that are not punishable by bail.

Any Legal Notice

I create all types of legal notices for the needs of my clients, and any situation requiring legal assistance always begins with the creation of a legal notice to begin the process.

Appeal Divorce

I met many clients who were dissatisfied with their divorce outcome, with my thoroughgoing knowledge and experience in divorce laws, I help my clients further appeal their cases to the high court.

Arbitration & Mediation

Many clients came to me with their issues, but they didn't want to go through the fully fleshed court processes. I helped them and showed them how to resolve their disputes quickly and intelligently through arbitration


I assist clients who were wrongly implicated in judicial proceedings and arrested in getting their bond amounts paid on schedule.

Builder Delay Fraud

My client experienced builder delay fraud in the past, but I was able to help them obtain justice by using my skills and practical knowledge.

Cheque Bounce

I draft and send a notice regarding cheque bounce matters. From my past experience, all my clients were satisfied with my legal service?

Child Custody

During divorce matters between couples, many parents are concerned about child custody, I gave them resolution and knowledge regarding joint child custody, and help them achieve in the desired resolution

Christian Divorce

I helped my customers from the Christian community with their divorce problems and supported them all the way through, thanks to my extensive understanding of Christian marriage and divorce laws.

Couple Protection

I faced several newlyweds who were subjected to harassment from those who weren't supportive. By submitting an application to the High Court, I assist them in obtaining protection from the police.

Court Marriage

With my vast exposure to court marriages, I assisted my clients from all religions with information and necessary requirements regarding court marriages with deep knowledgeable access to marriages law


I am a skilled criminal lawyer who handles all types of serious charges, offers the finest advice, and resolves clients' cases.

Criminal Matter

In many criminal cases, unsatisfied clients with the court judgment want to further appeal to the high court with their cases, I help them raise an appeal to the higher court

Cyber Fraud

I handle matters concerning cyber fraud as a highly qualified cybercrime attorney. Cybercrimes are typically complicated, multi-jurisdictional concerns that need specialized knowledge.


Due to my extensive understanding of divorce laws and my practical experience handling these types of situations, I manage divorce cases and provide the best advice and solutions as part of my profession.

Domestic Violence

I am a skilled and competent attorney who specializes in domestic violence cases. Several female clients came to me with complaints about experiencing cruelty, torture, and physical abuse; I assisted those by helping them take a stance for their rights.

High Court

In many scenarios, my clients were not fully content with the lower courts order, so I assisted them with further appealing their cases to the high court

Illegal Possession

In my area of knowledge, dealing with the cases of criminal trespassers and possession of illegal property is popular and well known for winning lawsuits.

Intimation Letters

A legal notice or intimation letter must include all claims and remedies relevant to the circumstances before being issued to the party in question. I support my clients and write intimation letters in accordance with their specifications.

Legal Notice for Divorce

Many married people desire to start their divorce by filing a legal divorce notice since they are fed up with their marriage relationship. I provide all of my customers with the best divorce advice I can.?


I practice matrimonial law and handle a variety of matters, however, my area of expertise is obtaining spousal maintenance payments for divorcing clients.

Marriage Registration

My clients are always satisfied with hassle-free marriage registration because I have the most expertise in matrimonial matters and marriage acts.

Money Recovery

Many clients to me with their disputes about being defrauded by the debtor, with my thorough understanding of Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions (RDDBFI Act), I succeeded most of the times

NRI Property Issue

Many of my NRI?clients encountered difficulties when buying and selling their properties, but thanks to my magnificent understanding of NRI property laws, I greatly simplified the process for my clients.

Null & Void Marriage

Many clients of different religions came to me regarding marriage, I assisted them and taught them about marriages in prohibited relations are not allowed, and also help them know about null and void marriages


cases of property-related disputes involving family members are very complex, but thanks to my thorough understanding of the Transfer of Property Act, I was able to help my clients win their cases to their advantage

Real Estate

In the field of real estate, there are numerous issues get arise where clients get suffered in monetary terms, I draft and deal in the cases of the real estate sector with my practical experience and knowledge in the field

RERA Suits

I help every builder client in the matter of RERA with my handiness in the sectors of RERA laws

Session Court

I have extensive legal experience and deal with all types of criminal matters in session court; part of my job involves providing appropriate resolutions.

Statement at Police Station

Many clients asked me for assistance because they needed a lawyer who could aid them in recording their statements at the police station. I help them to the best of my knowledge

Statement CRPC 164

Many customers want legal representation so they can register a statement before a magistrate in accordance with CrPC section 164. I offered them all of my direction and assistance.

Reviews & Recommendations

Alok Singh
01 May 2022
Very responsive and competent matrimonial legal professional in Delhi. appreciated a lot ,they made the entire case in my favour. i am forever grateful.

Hrudananda Sarangi
14 Apr 2022
Immigration Lawyer is very supportive, reliable, and very experienced in his profession. His education and experience are something up to the top level.

Ramdas Sutar
23 Feb 2022
The best platform to receive guidance and speedy solutions for your cheque bounce-related problems.

21 Dec 2021
Lawyer represented me in both divorce and Child Custody proceedings. Never once did I doubt I was in the best possible hands. Phone calls were reverted without delay. I'd recommend lawyer best for most any legal matter.

Rahul Raj
24 Feb 2021
The lawyers at Lead India helped me to easily cancel the sale deed. They are very supportive of my case.

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