Advocate Arun Wadhwa

Advocate Arun Wadhwa
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After earning my law degree I am advocate Arun Wadhwa and has spent the last 9 Years providing information and support to clients.

I am an expert at managing challenging circumstances. I am a member of the Bar Council and am currently engaged in District & Sessions Court Complex , Sirsa (P/1094/2014). The creation of Accident Insurance Issue, Anticipatory Bail, Any Legal Notice, Appeal Divorce, Arbitration & Mediation falls within my scope of expertise. In this domain, I practice, consult, and give guidance. In my role as counsel, I provide advice to both firms and people, identifying legal and contractual concerns and developing original strategies for tackling difficult issues.

Enrollment Number : P/1094/2014


District & Sessions Court, Sirsa, Sirsa Consumer Court

Experience & Specialization

Accident Insurance Issue

I am an expert in insurance policies when it comes to claiming and getting insurance, especially in case of accidental claims. My clients were always satisfied with my services

Anticipatory Bail

I provided assistance to my clients in matters involving anticipatory bail filing before the High Court or District Court for offenses that are not punishable by bail.

Any Legal Notice

All of my clients were pleased with the necessary services I gave for their legal concerns because I am an expert in drafting all types of legal notices requested by my client.

Appeal Divorce

I met many clients who were dissatisfied with their divorce outcome, with my thoroughgoing knowledge and experience in divorce laws, I help my clients further appeal their cases to the high court.

Arbitration & Mediation

I am skilled in ADR issues, have dealt with numerous cases in the past, and hold a thorough understanding of?arbitration laws.


There are many clients who were falsely trapped in the legal case and got arrested, I help them get bail release on time

Cheque Bounce

With my thorough knowledge of the Negotiable Instrument Act and practical experience of cases cheque bounce, I helped my clients with their cases

Child Custody

Several concerned parents who were worried about their child's custody after the divorce came to me. I assist them in obtaining guardianship with equal rights and obligations.

Christian Divorce

I assisted numerous Christian divorce seekers with their problems and offered them guidance, and assistance regarding their cases.

Couple Protection

I faced several newlyweds who were subjected to harassment from those who weren't supportive. By submitting an application to the High Court, I assist them in obtaining protection from the police.

Court Marriage

I have extensive knowledge of court marriage laws, have assisted numerous couples in getting married without regard to their religion to make the process hassle-free for them and work with court marriages of all religions.


I have years of practical experience that makes me the best criminal lawyer dealing in nature of serious crimes cases and providing the best service and assistance to my clients

Criminal Matter

Using my understanding of criminal codes, I assist my clients with their criminal charges so they can later file an appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada.

Cyber Fraud

I deal in cyber fraud cases,Cyber crimes are often multi-jurisdiction and complex issues that need the expertise of a highly qualified Cyber Crime Lawyer


Due to my extensive understanding of divorce laws and my practical experience handling these types of situations, I manage divorce cases and provide the best advice and solutions as part of my profession.

Domestic Violence

I am a well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who deals in cases of domestic violence, Many women clients came to me with their issues about being subjected to cruelty torture, and physical abuse, I helped those making them stand for their cause.

High Court

In several cases, my clients were not satisfied with the decision made by the lower courts, therefore I helped them appeal those decisions to the top court.

Intimation Letters

A legal notice or intimation letter is a crucial document that must be delivered to the opposing party; I prepare and deliver an intimation letter in accordance with my client's needs.

Legal Notice for Divorce

Many married people desire to start their divorce by filing a legal divorce notice since they are fed up with their marriage relationship. I provide all of my customers with the best divorce advice I can.?


I am a well-equipped lawyer dealing in the cases of maintenance, I helped many clients for getting their monthly maintenance amount? from their spouse through court orders after the divorce case

Marriage Registration

I am an experienced lawyer specializing in marriage services and resolved the issues of my clients regarding marriage registration.

Null & Void Marriage

I had many inquiries concerning marriage from clients of various religions. I helped them and informed them that marriages in prohibited relations are not permitted as well as informed them about null and void marriages.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, many problems develop where clients suffer financially. Using my expertise and practical experience, I create and handle matters involving the real estate industry.

Session Court

I have real-world litigation experience, which is helpful when handling all types of criminal matters, including murder, theft, rape, criminal, and conspiracy crimes, which are typically heard in sessions courts.

Statement at Police Station

Many clients asked me for assistance because they needed a lawyer who could aid them in recording their statements at the police station. I help them to the best of my knowledge

Statement CRPC 164

Many clients need a lawyer who can assist them in registering a statement under section 164 of CrPC in front of a magistrate. I assisted them with all my guidance and support

Reviews & Recommendations

Bhupendra Singh Mehta
27 Apr 2022
Lead India's lawyers help me a lot, they have a good sense of their profession and have patience to listen to the case properly.

Badal Ghritlahre
11 Apr 2022
Best and Professional Advocate for court marriage - I was able to complete my court marriage in Ghaziabad within a day without any stress and hassle. All the processes were completed smoothly. Thank you so much Lead India Team

Asif Khan
14 Mar 2022
My ex and I purchased a vehicle together quite a while back. We separated a couple of months after the buy and from that point forward I have been requesting that he remove me from the credit. He obviously declined. Because of Lead India he offered me incredible legitimate guidance to get me off of the advance and get my life back. I truly value all that he accomplished for me. I would enthusiastically prescribe him to everybody! Much appreciated Again,Lead India!

Ankit Soni
13 Feb 2022
lead Indian ki team ke log kafi madatgaar aur samghdaar hai

Vinay Kumar
25 Dec 2021
I would really like to thank Mr.Subhash Singh and his pals,who've supplied an wonderful services and placed his fantastic information of laws, made himself available at any point of time, they had been brief, efficient, and responsiveness in finding a right technique, i'd suggest this law firm to be approached to secure your view, it is virtually a guiding force to walk with.

23 Oct 2021
Lead India family lawyers were magnificent to work with. We stood by a little more than 3 years to settle my claim and during the interaction they were cordial and patient with me. I would prescribe them to any companion or relative that is needing a decent and legitimate law office.

26 Aug 2021

31 May 2021
I was all around exhorted by the legal advisor on the freedoms and wrongs of my case.

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