Advocate D.r Aggarwal

Advocate D.r Aggarwal
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After earning my law degree I am advocate D.

R Aggarwal and has spent the last 44 Years providing information and support to clients. I am an expert at managing challenging circumstances. I am a member of the Bar Council and am currently engaged in Chhattisgarh State Consumer Court (CG/188/1979). The creation of Accident Insurance Issue, Agreements, Anticipatory Bail, Any Legal Notice, Appeal Divorce falls within my scope of expertise. In this domain, I practice, consult, and give guidance. In my role as counsel, I provide advice to both firms and people, identifying legal and contractual concerns and developing original strategies for tackling difficult issues.

Enrollment Number : CG/188/1979


Chhattisgarh State Consumer Court, District & Sessions Court , Raipur, District & Sessions Court Bilaspur, High Court Of Chhattisgarh

Experience & Specialization

Accident Insurance Issue

Many of my clients were having trouble filing insurance claims in the event of accidents; I assist my clients in doing this with the best knowledge.


The ability to design agreements is crucial because they must contain all necessary elements and protect the interests of all parties. I assist my clients in keeping all the necessary elements in their contracts, and they are always satisfied with the results.?

Anticipatory Bail

There are certain offenses that are nonbailable in nature and need certain help in their anticipatory bail filing before the Higher court or lower court

Any Legal Notice

I am an expert in drafting all kinds of legal notices required by my client In their legal issues, all my clients were satisfied with my requisite services provided.

Appeal Divorce

For my clients, I appealed cases involving divorce and separation to the high court and assisted them in getting the results they desired. All of my clients were completely delighted with my services.

Arbitration & Mediation

Many clients came to me with their issues, but they didn't want to go through the fully fleshed court processes. I helped them and showed them how to resolve their disputes quickly and intelligently through arbitration


I helped all of my clients obtain bail release, by submitting a request for bail through the court issuing a bail order.

Builder Delay Fraud

I dealt with a matter of cheating and fraud by the builder with delayed possession and overpayment, with my deep understanding of knowledge in the RERA field, my clients were always satisfied with my assistance.

Business Compliance

I serviced my clients by performing my duty in the legal compliances and financial risk management strategies and the development of implementation auditing and monitoring programs.

Business Fight

clashes between two partners in businesses are very often witnessed, I help my clients by giving advice and guidance to get to a mutual and beneficial decision

Cheque Bounce

By creating and mailing a cheque bounce notice, I assist my clients in cases of check bounce. My clients were happy with my work every time.

Child Custody

Many aggrieved parents came to me worried about their child's custody post-divorce. I help them with achieving their guardianship with equal rights and responsibilities.

Christian Divorce

With my deep knowledge of Christian marriage and divorce laws, I assisted my clients from the Christian community with their divorce matters and helped them till the end

Corporate Drafting

As a corporate lawyer, I ensure that business transactions are legitimate and help clients comply with laws and regulations. It's crucial to draught contracts while conducting business with a corporation. I am knowledgeable about corporate laws and can advise the business on important business matters.

Couple Protection

I met many newly married couples, who were harassed by people who were not in support. I help them get protection from the police officers by submitting an application to the High Court.

Court Marriage

With my extensive experience in court marriages, I was able to provide my clients of various religions with the knowledge and legal requirements they needed to engage in court marriages.


I have years of practical experience that makes me the best criminal lawyer dealing in nature of serious crimes cases and providing the best service and assistance to my clients

Criminal Matter

Using my understanding of criminal codes, I assist my clients with their criminal charges so they can later file an appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada.

Cyber Fraud

I deal in cyber fraud cases,Cyber crimes are often multi-jurisdiction and complex issues that need the expertise of a highly qualified Cyber Crime Lawyer


I am an experienced lawyer who deals in complex matters of divorce of every religion, about the settlement, petition, alimony, etc. My clients are always satisfied with my services.

Domestic Violence

I met many women clients victims of domestic abuse, I helped them with their cases and teach them about their rights and relevant laws that could help them gain their rights

Employment Matter

I dealt with matters related to employment with my deep knowledge of the Minimum Wage Act, The Payment Of Wages Act, The Payment Of Bonus Act, and The Equal Remuneration Act.

Employment Related

I deal with many difficult situations with my best understanding of employment law. Drafting an employment agreement is required to address any disagreement or claims by the employer or employee that may occur in the future.


There are many different forms of family disputes that call for knowledgeable family lawyers to handle them. I have a thorough understanding of family law and provide my clients with my sincere assistance.

GST Registration

Many clients with established businesses didn?t know about GST registration and its benefit, I helped make them understand bout the procedure and its importance.

High Court

In several cases, my clients were not satisfied with the decision made by the lower courts, therefore I helped them appeal those decisions to the top court.

Illegal Possession

Many clients came to me with their disputes about their property trapped illegally, with my excellent familiarity in the area of the transfer Property act, I helped my client get justice delivered in time

Immigration Issue

A competent immigration attorney can advise you and lead you through the procedure. I am an?immigration lawyer who?can assist with application preparation and have a wealth of experience handling immigration concerns.

Intimation Letters

A legal notice or intimation letter must include all claims and remedies relevant to the circumstances before being issued to the party in question. I support my clients and write intimation letters in accordance with their specifications.

Legal Notice for Divorce

many married couples who were tired of their marriage want to initiate their divorce by submitting a formal divorce notice. I give the greatest divorce guidance I can to each and every one of my clients.


I am a matrimonial lawyer dealing in all kinds of cases, my specialty lies in getting my divorced clients their monthly maintenance from their spouses

Marriage Registration

From the collection of documents to receive the marriage certificate, I took all the pressure and made the hassle-free for my client, for the marriage registration process.

Money Recovery

I am an expert and knowledgeable attorney for resolving all issues in the field of recovery of money with known to all the relevant laws

Muslim Divorce

With my expertise in Muslim law, I assist my clients from the Muslim community with their divorce and settlement matters

NRI Property Issue

By designating a person to handle the property registration, many NRI clients wished to sell their properties through a Power of Attorney. I assist my client, ensuring that they are completely satisfied with my service, thanks to my experience and expertise in NRI property laws.

Null & Void Marriage

I had many inquiries concerning marriage from clients of various religions. I helped them and informed them that marriages in prohibited relations are not permitted as well as informed them about null and void marriages.


Negotiations, due diligence, litigation, foreclosures, deed transfers, and coordination with lending agents or any other parties involved in the sale of a property are all ways that I assist my clients with issues connected to land property.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, many problems develop where clients suffer financially. Using my expertise and practical experience, I create and handle matters involving the real estate industry.

RERA Suits

With my skillful knowledge and past experience with my clients in the matter of investing in projects-related disputes. I helped them with the whole legal process in RERA suits.

Session Court

I have practical experience in litigation which makes helps in dealing with all kinds of criminal cases like murder, theft, rape, criminal, conspiracy, etc which mainly land in the sessions court.

Startup Legal Advisory

I hold knowledge of SEBI matters and other corporate laws and provide compliance and advisory services.

Statement at Police Station

I helped and advised my clients, who frequently get misled by police officers and were unaware of how their statements were being recorded in the police station.

Statement CRPC 164

I guided and helped my clients in recording their statements in front of a magistrate under section 164 of CrPC.

Supreme Court Matters

I deal with all types of cases that are heard by the Supreme Court, and I have years of expertise in doing so.

Taxation Issues

Because of my extensive and thorough knowledge of tax laws, I have had the opportunity to represent many clients before the Dispute Resolution Authority for cases involving international taxation. From straightforward to extremely complex, I handle all forms of taxation-related cases.

Trademark Registration

I have experience offering the service of trademark registration and managing any litigation that arises as a result. Your brand is therefore guarded.

Website Polices

internet sites include terms and conditions or cookie files that require our consent before we can access them. The website policies must be followed in order to protect yourself from data breaches while surfing any website, thus I design website policies for my clients using the most up-to-date understanding of cyber tech laws.

Reviews & Recommendations

Amit Kumar Singh
14 Jun 2022
Best services

29 Apr 2022
They offered a very good startup package, and they offered reasonable costs for their services.

Gourav Karmakar
26 Oct 2021
Very good and great experience

Jay Prakash
25 Feb 2021
Lead India took my personal injury case after the insurance company denied liability. I realized after they filed suit and were litigating the case, that they were truly committed to getting me a good result. The end result was a very good jury verdict.

Akhil Bundela
13 Jan 2021
The Court Marriage Lawyers at Lead India are experienced. They have provided us an online dashboard in which I can easily track my payment. They never charge any hidden fees.

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