Advocate Amrata Shukla

Advocate Amrata Shukla
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I am an advocate for Mrs Amrata Shukla practising for the last 21 years and practising at District & Sessions Court, Raipur.

I have graduated in Law. I'm enrolled in the Bar Council of Chhattisgarh (M.p.2884/02) also. I can answer or sort the laborious and effortful questions or issues of people. I have worked in all the positions of drafting and the creation of Accident Insurance Issues, Family & Inheritance, Civil, Marriage Registration, and Court Marriage. I can better instruct and mentor over the issues of businesses and individuals, recognizing compliance with legal challenges and creating unique solutions for coping with complex situations.

Enrollment Number : M.p.2884/02


District & Sessions Court , Raipur, Raipur Consumer Court

Experience & Specialization

Accident Insurance Issue

Many of my clients were having trouble filing insurance claims in the event of accidents; I assist my clients in doing this with the best knowledge.

Any Legal Notice

All of my clients were pleased with the necessary services I gave for their legal concerns because I am an expert in drafting all types of legal notices requested by my client.

Appeal Divorce

For my clients, I appealed cases involving divorce and separation to the high court and assisted them in getting the results they desired. All of my clients were completely delighted with my services.

Arbitration & Mediation

I have significant experience in both domestic and international arbitration, have been involved in many cases both offline and online and assist the majority of my clients in finding the best resolution.

Cheque Bounce

I draft and send a notice regarding cheque bounce matters. From my past experience, all my clients were satisfied with my legal service?

Child Custody

Many aggrieved parents came to me worried about their child's custody post-divorce. I help them with achieving their guardianship with equal rights and responsibilities.

Christian Divorce

I assisted numerous Christian divorce seekers with their problems and offered them guidance, and assistance regarding their cases.

Court Marriage

I have extensive knowledge of court marriage laws, have assisted numerous couples in getting married without regard to their religion to make the process hassle-free for them and work with court marriages of all religions.

Cyber Fraud

I specialize in cyber fraud matters because they frequently include multiple jurisdictions and complex legal challenges, necessitating the knowledge of an experienced cybercrime attorney.


I am an experienced lawyer who deals in complex matters of divorce of every religion, about the settlement, petition, alimony, etc. My clients are always satisfied with my services.

Domestic Violence

I am a well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who deals in cases of domestic violence, Many women clients came to me with their issues about being subjected to cruelty torture, and physical abuse, I helped those making them stand for their cause.


There are several types of family dispute which requires experienced family lawyers to deal those such cases, I hold deep knowledge of family law and help my clients with my best regards

Intimation Letters

A legal notice or intimation letter is an important document that needs to be sent to the other party, I draft and send an intimation letter to my client?s requirements

Legal Notice for Divorce

Many married people desire to start their divorce by filing a legal divorce notice since they are fed up with their marriage relationship. I provide all of my customers with the best divorce advice I can.?


As a skilled maintenance attorney, I have assisted numerous clients in obtaining their spousal support payments through court orders following divorce proceedings.

Marriage Registration

I am an experienced lawyer specializing in marriage services and resolved the issues of my clients regarding marriage registration.

Null & Void Marriage

Many people came to me?with complaints about their nullified marriages, relationships that are forbidden, unsound mind?spouses, etc. I assist those clients by educating them about invalid marriages, providing them with guidance, and counseling them.

Real Estate

?My Clients were forced to enter a legal dispute with the builder and real estate developer after suffering financial losses as a result of numerous postponed projects and finding it challenging to invest in real estate. I assist my customers with their problems because of my extensive understanding of real estate legislation.

Reviews & Recommendations

07 Jun 2022
offered the right counsel which helps me in my lawful issue.

Nikhil Chakraborty
02 Jun 2022
Lead india is the opportunity for your love marriages it is totally trustable for lovers i also get married easly and smoothly with lead india law services i m so happy

29 Mar 2022
One of the builder took money from me for the newly constructed as a token money and he also made agreement and we both had their respective sign on that and due to some issue between the owner of land and their brother the building construction was stopped and builder promise to provide the flat date also passed and then after I called him to return my money as his promise to provide the flat was violated but he refused and blocked my number I was so much disappointed and I had no clue what to do further then I saw a video regarding this on youtube channel of Lead India and I called they drafted a legal notice for me against that builder and sent it to his respective place and as soon as the notice was received the builder returned by advance and also compensated for breach of agreement.

16 Mar 2022
Lead India took my personal injury case after the insurance company denied liability. I realized after they filed suit and were litigating the case, that they were truly committed to getting me a good result. The end result was a very good jury verdict.

Hemant Kumar
27 Jan 2022
She has been my lawyer for over three years and has done an excellent job. Highly recommended.

07 Jan 2022
Very quick and easy process with no difficulties or issues. I really like the quick marriage process.

Ajit Singh
01 Dec 2021
I got the vital legitimate help by the attorney, because of which I had the option to settle on informed choices.

Adv. Manish Gyarasiya
27 Oct 2021
Very helpful service

Ajay Kumar
24 Oct 2021
मैं निश्चित रूप से आपकी सेवाओं का फिर से उपयोग करूंगा और अपने मित्रों और परिवार को भी संदर्भित करूंगा। अद्भुत परामर्श और संकल्प। दिल्ली में सबसे अच्छा वकील।

27 Sep 2021
Very helpful service

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