Advocate Paul P P

Advocate Paul P P
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Advocate Paul P P is a law graduate who has been guiding and assisting clients for the last 32 years and is an expert in putting tangled affairs in workable order.

The advocate is enrolled under the Bar Council of Maharashtra (Mah/1750/1991) and has been practising in the Bombay High Court In Mumbai. I counsel, advise and practice in the field of drafting and my expertise lies in Illegal Possession, Family, Supreme Court Matters, Business Compliance, and Money Recovery. As a counsel, I represent businesses and individuals, identifying legal and contractual issues and developing new approaches to resolving complex issues.

Enrollment Number : Mah/1750/1991


Bombay High Court At Mumbai, Supreme Court Of India

Experience & Specialization


The ability to design agreements is crucial because they must contain all necessary elements and protect the interests of all parties. I assist my clients in keeping all the necessary elements in their contracts, and they are always satisfied with the results.?

Any Legal Notice

I am an expert in drafting all kinds of legal notices required by my client In their legal issues, all my clients were satisfied with my requisite services provided.

Arbitration & Mediation

Many clients came to me with their issues, but they didn't want to go through the fully fleshed court processes. I helped them and showed them how to resolve their disputes quickly and intelligently through arbitration

Builder Delay Fraud

Many clients came to me with fraud promises done by builders, with my practical knowledge in the RERA field. I helped them out with justice in favour of my clients

Business Compliance

I am an experienced corporate compliance lawyer, I helped my clients thru their complicated company's ethics and compliance program.

Business Fight

I counsel and mentor clients to find better resolutions because many business owners run their companies in partnerships and inevitably come into conflict with one another.

Cheque Bounce

By creating and mailing a cheque bounce notice, I assist my clients in cases of check bounce. My clients were happy with my work every time.

Corporate Drafting

As a corporate solicitor, I work on cases involving challenges in the corporate sector. Thanks to my extensive knowledge and experience, I draught corporate documents to suit the needs of my clients' businesses and companies.

Cyber Fraud

I am a highly qualified Cyber Crime Lawyer who handles cases involving cyber fraud. Cyber crimes are frequently multi-jurisdictional and complex issues that require expertise in that area.

Employment Matter

My competence and skills in complying with the labour laws related to employment matters and its incidental areas combined with my experience, help me win cases most of the time.

Employment Related

I deal with many difficult situations with my best understanding of employment law. Drafting an employment agreement is required to address any disagreement or claims by the employer or employee that may occur in the future.


There are many different forms of family disputes that call for knowledgeable family lawyers to handle them. I have a thorough understanding of family law and provide my clients with my sincere assistance.

GST Registration

Clients came to me in the hassle to get GST registration asap, with my smart knowledge and practical experience of paperwork, I provided them their GST registration within a week

Illegal Possession

I assisted my client to regain control and restore possession of their property, which was illegally possessed, thanks to my thorough knowledge in the area of property laws.

Money Recovery

Many clients to me with their disputes about being defrauded by the debtor, with my thorough understanding of Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions (RDDBFI Act), I succeeded most of the times

NRI Property Issue

Many of my NRI?clients encountered difficulties when buying and selling their properties, but thanks to my magnificent understanding of NRI property laws, I greatly simplified the process for my clients.


I have extensive knowledge of and practical experience in?the transfer property act, having aided numerous cases involving the registration of property and the buying and selling of properties as well as inheritance and will-related issues.

Real Estate

In the field of real estate, there are numerous issues get arise where clients get suffered in monetary terms, I draft and deal in the cases of the real estate sector with my practical experience and knowledge in the field

RERA Suits

I help every builder client in the matter of RERA with my handiness in the sectors of RERA laws

Startup Legal Advisory

For the incorporation of any business, a client needs advice and legal assistance for their start-up. I have an experience and skill in the field of legal advisory

Supreme Court Matters

I deal in all kinds of cases that go to the supreme court, I hold years of experience in dealing with supreme court matters

Taxation Issues

Taxpayer clients often have issues with calculations, errors, false reporting, liabilities, etc. My clients have always been satisfied with my services in the past, and I have a wealth of practical experience in tax law.

Trademark Registration

I am a qualified professional trademark attorney with practical experience, I helped my clients to register their trademarks and made sure that their trademarks policies and logo do not infringe on any other market competitors

Website Polices

internet sites include terms and conditions or cookie files that require our consent before we can access them. The website policies must be followed in order to protect yourself from data breaches while surfing any website, thus I design website policies for my clients using the most up-to-date understanding of cyber tech laws.

Reviews & Recommendations

08 Jun 2022
She has been my lawyer for over three years and has done an excellent job. Highly recommended.

Deep Kumar Sarkar
24 Feb 2022
The exhortation was great. I'm most certainly taking my case forward with them.

14 Jan 2022
I contacted a few law firms before, finally I chose to lead India . The way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. I am very grateful for their excellent job.

Kamalendu Dalui
19 Nov 2021
having you as a lawyer makes a huge difference.

Gulshan Nandwani
20 Oct 2021
Lead India has had many Experienced Lawyers and has done an excellent job in not only fighting for me but also PROTECTING my interests! I highly recommend him for any family court needs you might have.

Karuna Kapoor
10 Sep 2021
लीड इंडिया ने हाल ही में एक कानूनी मामले में मेरी मदद करते हुए शानदार काम किया है। उनकी कार्य नीति, सक्रिय संचार और विस्तार पर ध्यान उन्हें एक महान परीक्षण वकील बनाते हैं। मैं लीड इंडिया लॉ फर्म की अत्यधिक अनुशंसा करता हूं।

Suman Kumar
13 Jul 2021
Bhut acha lga mujhe yaha s shadi kr k

Ramavtar Kushwah
23 Apr 2021
Lead India se mera kaam ek dum sahi and jaldi hua, mujhe yha se kaam kra k bhut acha lga.

Rajkumar Pal
03 Mar 2021
I will always be grateful to her for helping to resolve my case so quickly. I was completely dazzled by her excellent communication skills, professionalism, detailing and courage at the court hearing.

Bidyawti Devi
08 Jan 2021
Good service

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