Advocate Prakash Khandelwal

Advocate Prakash Khandelwal
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After earning my law degree I am advocate Prakash Khandelwal and has spent the last 32 Years providing information and support to clients.

I am an expert at managing challenging circumstances. I am a member of the Bar Council and am currently engaged in Tis Hazari Court (D855/91). The creation of Accident Insurance Issue, Anticipatory Bail, Any Legal Notice, Appeal Divorce, Bail falls within my scope of expertise. In this domain, I practice, consult, and give guidance. In my role as counsel, I provide advice to both firms and people, identifying legal and contractual concerns and developing original strategies for tackling difficult issues.

Enrollment Number : D855/91


Tis Hazari Court

Experience & Specialization

Accident Insurance Issue

Many clients were facing issues in claiming their insurance in cases of accidents, I help my clients get their claims in accidental cases

Anticipatory Bail

Some offenses are not subject to bail and require assistance while requesting anticipatory bail before a higher or lower court.

Any Legal Notice

I am an expert in drafting all kinds of legal notices required by my client In their legal issues, all my clients were satisfied with my requisite services provided.

Appeal Divorce

I met many clients who were dissatisfied with their divorce outcome, with my thoroughgoing knowledge and experience in divorce laws, I help my clients further appeal their cases to the high court.


There are many clients who were falsely trapped in the legal case and got arrested, I help them get bail release on time

Child Custody

Many aggrieved parents came to me worried about their child's custody post-divorce. I help them with achieving their guardianship with equal rights and responsibilities.

Christian Divorce

I handled many Christian clients who wanted to get a divorce, I helped them with their issues and advice and counsel them regarding their cases.

Couple Protection

I offer matrimonial services, particularly to newlyweds who require protection following their judicial marriage. I was always able to deliver the intended result.


I have years of serious experience, which makes me the greatest criminal?lawyer for cases involving serious offenses, and I offer the best support and service to my clients.

Criminal Matter

I assist clients who are dissatisfied with court rulings in criminal cases and wish to appeal to the higher court by raising an appeal on their behalf.


Due to my extensive understanding of divorce laws and my practical experience handling these types of situations, I manage divorce cases and provide the best advice and solutions as part of my profession.

Domestic Violence

I am a well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who deals in cases of domestic violence, Many women clients came to me with their issues about being subjected to cruelty torture, and physical abuse, I helped those making them stand for their cause.

High Court

Many unsatisfied clients came to me with their cases and order given by lower courts. I helped them raise an appeal for their cases to the High Court.

Legal Notice for Divorce

When a couple decides to end their marriage, the first step is to create and give the other spouse a formal divorce notice. I firmly believe in offering all of my clients the greatest support and help.


I am a matrimonial lawyer dealing in all kinds of cases, my specialty lies in getting my divorced clients their monthly maintenance from their spouses

Null & Void Marriage

Many people came to me?with complaints about their nullified marriages, relationships that are forbidden, unsound mind?spouses, etc. I assist those clients by educating them about invalid marriages, providing them with guidance, and counseling them.

Real Estate

?My Clients were forced to enter a legal dispute with the builder and real estate developer after suffering financial losses as a result of numerous postponed projects and finding it challenging to invest in real estate. I assist my customers with their problems because of my extensive understanding of real estate legislation.

Session Court

I have extensive legal experience and deal with all types of criminal matters in session court; part of my job involves providing appropriate resolutions.

Statement at Police Station

I assisted and counseled my clients, many of whom were uninformed of how their statements were being recorded at the police station and were routinely duped by police personnel.

Statement CRPC 164

In accordance with section 164 of the CrPC, I assisted and advised my clients while they gave their testimony in front of a magistrate.

Reviews & Recommendations

Rajesh Das
03 Apr 2022
Good service and really helpful. The lawyer assigned to me was really great. She helped me to get married easily without any tension.

Rajiv Devagupta
17 Mar 2022
Sir I salute

04 Feb 2022
I was worried about my court marriage as I have to go the US after marriage, lead India made it easy for me

Mohd Suhail
24 Oct 2021
All is good nice feeling and good service

16 Sep 2021
I would recommend Lead India to anyone. They represented me and my family when we were in a serious accident. The concern and care they offered, immediately made us feel at ease. They were always easy to reach when we had questions and keep us informed. I was extremely satisfied with the settlement I received.

Vijay Lakshami
15 Aug 2021
My money was caught in my company wherein i used to work. With the help of him and his lead india team, i was able to get my cash within very reasonable time.

15 Aug 2021
Very responsive and competent matrimonial legal professional in Delhi. appreciated a lot ,they made the entire case in my favour. i am forever grateful.

08 Aug 2021
बस आपका ओर हमारा ये भरोसा युहीं बना रहे..

Ashoka Poojari
12 Jun 2021
She cost me a fair price and carefully crafted my notice; as a result of this notice, the decision was in my favour.

Dhairya Patel
11 Mar 2021
My wife filed a false domestic violence case against me,I was under a lot of stress which was affecting my career. Finally I decided to approach them,lead india had prior experience dealing with such cases and helped me out of this terrible situation.

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