Advocate Anarthe Patil

Advocate Anarthe Patil
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I am Advocate Anarthe Patil and received my law degree.

Over the past 5 Years , I have given clients knowledge and resources. I am pro at handling difficult situations. I practice at Addl DCF, Nagpur Dist Cons. Court and a member of the Bar Council (MAH/7860/2018) My area of expertise includes the Agreements, Anticipatory Bail, Any Legal Notice, Appeal Divorce, Arbitration & Mediation. I practice, consult, and offer advice in this profession. In my capacity as counsel, I offer guidance to both businesses and individuals, recognizing compliance with legal challenges and creating unique solutions for coping with complex situations.

Enrollment Number : MAH/7860/2018


Addl Dcf, Pune Consumer Court, Bombay High Court At Aurangabad, Bombay High Court At Mumbai, Nagpur Consumer Court

Experience & Specialization


Designing agreements is important because they must include all required components and safeguard the interests of all parties. My clients are always happy with the outcomes since I help them keep all the required components in their contracts.

Anticipatory Bail

I helped my clients with cases regarding anticipatory bail filing before the High Court or District Court for non-bailable offenses.

Any Legal Notice

In any matter that involves legal help, always starts by drafting a legal notice to initiate the process, I draft all kind of legal notice for my clients? needs

Appeal Divorce

With my immense knowledge of divorce laws, I helped many of my clients who were unhappy with the outcome of their divorces and make appeals?to the high court for the cases.

Arbitration & Mediation

Many clients came to me with their issues, but they didn't want to go through the fully fleshed court processes. I helped them and showed them how to resolve their disputes quickly and intelligently through arbitration


From filing an application for bail to granting a bail order from the court, I assisted all my clients to succeed in getting bail release.

Business Compliance

I hold an exquisite knowledge of corporate laws, which help me provide the service to my clients in their business compliance

Business Fight

there are many business holders, who run their businesses in partnership and always wind up in conflict with each other, I advise and guide clients to come to better resolution

Cheque Bounce

With my thorough knowledge of the Negotiable Instrument Act and practical experience of cases cheque bounce, I helped my clients with their cases

Child Custody

Several concerned parents who were worried about their child's custody after the divorce came to me. I assist them in obtaining guardianship with equal rights and obligations.

Christian Divorce

I handled many Christian clients who wanted to get a divorce, I helped them with their issues and advice and counsel them regarding their cases.

Corporate Drafting

I am a corporate attorney who assures the legality of the company transaction and aids in compliance with the rules and regulations. Drafting agreements is vital in corporate business transactions. I hold the?knowledge of?corporate laws that?will also give the company advice on critical corporate issues.

Couple Protection

I provide service in matrimonial areas, especially to newly married couples when they need protection after their court marriage. I always succeeded in providing the desired resolution


I have years of practical experience that makes me the best criminal lawyer dealing in nature of serious crimes cases and providing the best service and assistance to my clients

Criminal Matter

With my knowledge of criminal laws, I help my clients with their criminal cases, to further raise an appeal to the high court for their matter.

Cyber Fraud

I specialize in cyber fraud matters because they frequently include multiple jurisdictions and complex legal challenges, necessitating the knowledge of an experienced cybercrime attorney.


Due to my extensive understanding of divorce laws and my practical experience handling these types of situations, I manage divorce cases and provide the best advice and solutions as part of my profession.

Domestic Violence

I am a well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who deals in cases of domestic violence, Many women clients came to me with their issues about being subjected to cruelty torture, and physical abuse, I helped those making them stand for their cause.


I am a well-experienced family lawyer, who deals in all kinds of family-related disputes and makes those clients understand the relevant ways to get relief.

GST Registration

Clients came to me in the hassle to get GST registration asap, with my smart knowledge and practical experience of paperwork, I provided them their GST registration within a week

High Court

Many unsatisfied clients came to me with their cases and order given by lower courts. I helped them raise an appeal for their cases to the High Court.

Legal Notice for Divorce

When a couple decides to end their marriage, the first step is to create and give the other spouse a formal divorce notice. I firmly believe in offering all of my clients the greatest support and help.


As a skilled maintenance attorney, I have assisted numerous clients in obtaining their spousal support payments through court orders following divorce proceedings.

Muslim Divorce

I have a thorough knowledge of Islamic law, by which I assisted many of my Muslim clients with matters regarding their divorce, my clients were always satisfied with my service.

Null & Void Marriage

Many people came to me?with complaints about their nullified marriages, relationships that are forbidden, unsound mind?spouses, etc. I assist those clients by educating them about invalid marriages, providing them with guidance, and counseling them.

Real Estate

In the field of real estate, there are numerous issues get arise where clients get suffered in monetary terms, I draft and deal in the cases of the real estate sector with my practical experience and knowledge in the field

Session Court

I have real-world litigation experience, which is helpful when handling all types of criminal matters, including murder, theft, rape, criminal, and conspiracy crimes, which are typically heard in sessions courts.

Startup Legal Advisory

I hold a specialization in the specific area of law and provide clients with advising services.

Statement at Police Station

I assisted and counseled my clients, many of whom were uninformed of how their statements were being recorded at the police station and were routinely duped by police personnel.

Statement CRPC 164

Many clients need a lawyer who can assist them in registering a statement under section 164 of CrPC in front of a magistrate. I assisted them with all my guidance and support

Supreme Court Matters

I am a supreme court lawyer who handles a range of matters, and many of my clients want to appeal their cases to the Supreme Court after a high court verdict.

Taxation Issues

Clients of taxpayers frequently have problems with calculations, mistakes, false reporting, liabilities, etc. I have extensive practical experience in tax law, and in the past, my clients have always been happy with my services.

Trademark Registration

I assisted my clients in registering their trademarks and ensured that their registration process for a?trademark to go hassle-free and protected their enterprise policies protect it at all costs, thanks to my thorough knowledge in the field of trademark laws?

Website Polices

Drafting website policies is a complicated task because one has to see all the important details that need to be followed in order to prevent data breaching by other hackers, I drafted website policies for my clients and always succeeded in delivering the best

Reviews & Recommendations

Arslan Ahmed
26 Mar 2022
They have the best team of lawyers who helps you in any possible way.

Chandan Sony
11 Mar 2022
Lawyers are so dedicated people towards their work, there is true respect for these people receiving services.

Vishul Malik
14 Jun 2021
धन्यवाद सर..

09 May 2021
My issue was surely known by Adv. Lead India The legal advisor accurately informed me on the benefits concerning my case. Because of the backer's direction and exhortation, I had the option to pick the most ideal choice conceivable in my legitimate circumstance.

25 Mar 2021
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