Advocate Sachin Pandey

Advocate Sachin Pandey
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Advocate Sachin Pandey is a law graduate and has been advising and helping clients for the past 5-10 Years and is master at organizing complex situations.

I am currently working in City Civil Court, Dindoshi and am registered with the Maharashtra Bar Council (MAH/2585/2013). My area of competence in the field of drafting is the creation of Anticipatory Bail, Appeal Divorce, Bail, Legal Notice for Divorce, Child Custody. I counsel, advise, and practice in this area. I advise both companies and individuals in my capacity as counsel, identifying legal concerns and creating fresh strategies for resolving challenging problems.

Enrollment Number : MAH/2585/2013


City Civil Court, Dindoshi, Family Court, Bandra, Mm Court, Andheri, Mm Court, Borivali

Experience & Specialization

Anticipatory Bail

Some offenses are not subject to bail and require assistance while requesting anticipatory bail before a higher or lower court.

Any Legal Notice

In any matter that involves legal help, always starts by drafting a legal notice to initiate the process, I draft all kind of legal notice for my clients? needs

Appeal Divorce

With my immense knowledge of divorce laws, I helped many of my clients who were unhappy with the outcome of their divorces and make appeals?to the high court for the cases.

Arbitration & Mediation

I am skilled in ADR issues, have dealt with numerous cases in the past, and hold a thorough understanding of?arbitration laws.


From filing an application for bail to granting a bail order from the court, I assisted all my clients to succeed in getting bail release.

Cheque Bounce

I help my clients in matters of cheque bounce by drafting and sending a cheque bounce notice. My clients were always satisfied with my work

Child Custody

Several concerned parents who were worried about their child's custody after the divorce came to me. I assist them in obtaining guardianship with equal rights and obligations.

Christian Divorce

I assisted numerous Christian divorce seekers with their problems and offered them guidance, and assistance regarding their cases.

Couple Protection

I met many newly married couples, who were harassed by people who were not in support. I help them get protection from the police officers by submitting an application to the High Court.


I have years of practical experience that makes me the best criminal lawyer dealing in nature of serious crimes cases and providing the best service and assistance to my clients

Criminal Matter

I assist clients who are dissatisfied with court rulings in criminal cases and wish to appeal to the higher court by raising an appeal on their behalf.

Cyber Fraud

I deal in cyber fraud cases,Cyber crimes are often multi-jurisdiction and complex issues that need the expertise of a highly qualified Cyber Crime Lawyer


Due to my extensive understanding of divorce laws and my practical experience handling these types of situations, I manage divorce cases and provide the best advice and solutions as part of my profession.

Domestic Violence

I am a skilled and competent attorney who specializes in domestic violence cases. Several female clients came to me with complaints about experiencing cruelty, torture, and physical abuse; I assisted those by helping them take a stance for their rights.


There are several types of family dispute which requires experienced family lawyers to deal those such cases, I hold deep knowledge of family law and help my clients with my best regards

High Court

A lot of clients who weren't happy with the decisions made by lower courts came to me with their cases. I assisted them in filing a High Court appeal for their respective cases.

Legal Notice for Divorce

Whenever a couple wants to dissolve their marriage, the 1st step is to draft and send a legal divorce notice to the other spouse. I always believe in providing the best support and assistance to all my clients?


As a skilled maintenance attorney, I have assisted numerous clients in obtaining their spousal support payments through court orders following divorce proceedings.

Null & Void Marriage

I had many inquiries concerning marriage from clients of various religions. I helped them and informed them that marriages in prohibited relations are not permitted as well as informed them about null and void marriages.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, many problems develop where clients suffer financially. Using my expertise and practical experience, I create and handle matters involving the real estate industry.

Session Court

I have practical experience in litigation which makes helps in dealing with all kinds of criminal cases like murder, theft, rape, criminal, conspiracy, etc which mainly land in the sessions court.

Statement at Police Station

I assisted and counseled my clients, many of whom were uninformed of how their statements were being recorded at the police station and were routinely duped by police personnel.

Statement CRPC 164

In accordance with section 164 of the CrPC, I assisted and advised my clients while they gave their testimony in front of a magistrate.

Reviews & Recommendations

17 Mar 2022
मैं निश्चित रूप से आपकी सेवाओं का फिर से उपयोग करूंगा और अपने मित्रों और परिवार को भी संदर्भित करूंगा। अद्भुत परामर्श और संकल्प। दिल्ली में सबसे अच्छा वकील।

09 Jan 2022
pleased with the legal assistance.

Abhishek Rana
16 Dec 2021
Much thanks to you for aiding in taking best choice and gratitude for your sugestions on the ideal opportunity.

Abhishek Mishra
16 Oct 2021
Extremely knowledgeable professional and always attentive to legal advice.

Vishnu Pandey
06 Oct 2021
My issue was taken care of by the all around presumed legal advisor.

Parmanand Das
14 Aug 2021
I was afraid of performing court marriage but the court marriage lawyers at Lead India are fully supportive and helpful. Now , we are happily married couple.

Naiyar Alam
21 May 2021
Good service and good experience lawyer in Lead India thank you so much and specialiy thanks for shubhash sir

Sandeep Singh
30 Apr 2021
I wanted to get married thru court procedure, lead India lawyer made it hassle free for me

Brajesh Kumar
05 Apr 2021
I am really happy that the court marriage advisors of Lead India Law Associates provide free marriage advice that helped me a lot. They have explained to me each and everything very clearly.

14 Mar 2021
I believe that leads India has the capacity to overcome the current situation and deliver the finest results regardless of the circumstances. Outstanding effort!

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