Advocate Sheopujan Prasad

Advocate Sheopujan Prasad
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After earning my law degree I am an advocate for Sheopujan Prasad and have spent the last 33 Years providing information and support to clients.

I am an expert at managing challenging circumstances. I am a member of the Bihar Bar Council and am currently engaged in Civil Court, Patna Sadar (169/1990). The creation of statements at Police Stations, Session Courts, Real Estate, High Court, and Criminal Matters falls within my scope of expertise. In this domain, I practice, consult, and give guidance. In my role as counsel, I provide advice to both firms and people, identifying legal and contractual concerns and developing original strategies for tackling difficult issues.

Enrollment Number : 169/1990


Civil Court, Patna Sadar

Experience & Specialization

Any Legal Notice

I am an expert in drafting all kinds of legal notices required by my client In their legal issues, all my clients were satisfied with my requisite services provided.

Court Marriage

With my extensive experience in court marriages, I was able to provide my clients of various religions with the knowledge and legal requirements they needed to engage in court marriages.


I have years of serious experience, which makes me the greatest criminal?lawyer for cases involving serious offenses, and I offer the best support and service to my clients.

Criminal Matter

Using my understanding of criminal codes, I assist my clients with their criminal charges so they can later file an appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada.

High Court

A lot of clients who weren't happy with the decisions made by lower courts came to me with their cases. I assisted them in filing a High Court appeal for their respective cases.

Intimation Letters

Before being sent to the party in question, a legal notice or intimation letter must include all claims and reliefs pertaining to the situation. I create?intimation letters in accordance with my client's requirements and provide?them with my assistance

Marriage Registration

I am an experienced lawyer specializing in marriage services and resolved the issues of my clients regarding marriage registration.

Real Estate

my Clients have?suffered financial losses due to a variety of postponed projects and?have found it difficult to invest in real estate, leaving them with no choice except to engage in legal conflict with the builder and real estate developer. With my exquisite knowledge of real estate laws, I help my clients with their issues.

Session Court

I have extensive legal experience and deal with all types of criminal matters in session court; part of my job involves providing appropriate resolutions.

Statement at Police Station

I assisted and counseled my clients, many of whom were uninformed of how their statements were being recorded at the police station and were routinely duped by police personnel.

Statement CRPC 164

I guided and helped my clients in recording their statements in front of a magistrate under section 164 of CrPC.

Reviews & Recommendations

Veernarayan Rajpoot
20 Jun 2022
The lawyers have a sound knowledge about their profession.

Jaishankar Rai
27 Apr 2022
Attorney has assisted me with my child custody and child support cases. She is absolutely fantastic and did a great job. I highly recommend her!

Waseem Khan
12 Jan 2022
The legal advisor has great comprehension of my issue. Lead India helped me in settling my legitimate matter successfully. As a consequence of the promoter direction and guidance I had the option to pick the most ideal choice conceivable in my lawful issue.

15 Dec 2021
Great service.

Ravi Rajak
05 Dec 2021
Very useful and helpful information Lead India is providing.

Chander Kanta
27 Sep 2021
Supportive environment.

Shivani Singh
18 Jul 2021
I was facing a legal dispute with my cousin. It was a property dispute. I was facing a lot of problems. Then, I have contacted Lead India and I was amazed that they took my problem very seriously. It is because of them my problems are solved easily. Thanks For All Lead India Advocates in Delhi

Shravan Kumar
29 Jun 2021
लीड इंडिया ने हाल ही में एक कानूनी मामले में मेरी मदद करते हुए शानदार काम किया है। उनकी कार्य नीति, सक्रिय संचार और विस्तार पर ध्यान उन्हें एक महान परीक्षण वकील बनाते हैं। मैं लीड इंडिया लॉ फर्म की अत्यधिक अनुशंसा करता हूं।

Amol Atmaram Chavan
24 Apr 2021
One of the builder took money from me for the newly constructed as a token money and he also made agreement and we both had their respective sign on that and due to some issue between the owner of land and their brother the building construction was stopped and builder promise to provide the flat date also passed and then after I called him to return my money as his promise to provide the flat was violated but he refused and blocked my number I was so much disappointed and I had no clue what to do further then I saw a video regarding this on youtube channel of Lead India and I called they drafted a legal notice for me against that builder and sent it to his respective place and as soon as the notice was received the builder returned by advance and also compensated for breach of agreement.

Sumit Shrivastava
24 Mar 2021
I was facing an issue related to my caste certificate. There are many Law Firms are available in the market. But, the service provided by them and the Lawyers is best. I suggest everyone to must-visit Office in case of any legal inquiry.

Setu Kumar
02 Jan 2021
Thanks lead india....

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