Advocate Shree Narsimhacharray S

Advocate Shree Narsimhacharray S
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I am Advocate Shree Narsimhacharray S and received my law degree.

Over the past 14 Years , I have given clients knowledge and resources. I am pro at handling difficult situations. I practice at Madras High Court and a member of the Bar Council (1519/2009) My area of expertise includes the Agreements, Any Legal Notice, Appeal Divorce, Arbitration & Mediation, Builder Delay Fraud. I practice, consult, and offer advice in this profession. In my capacity as counsel, I offer guidance to both businesses and individuals, recognizing compliance with legal challenges and creating unique solutions for coping with complex situations.

Enrollment Number : 1519/2009


Madras High Court

Experience & Specialization


The ability to design agreements is crucial because they must contain all necessary elements and protect the interests of all parties. I assist my clients in keeping all the necessary elements in their contracts, and they are always satisfied with the results.?

Any Legal Notice

All of my clients were pleased with the necessary services I gave for their legal concerns because I am an expert in drafting all types of legal notices requested by my client.

Appeal Divorce

I met many clients who were dissatisfied with their divorce outcome, with my thoroughgoing knowledge and experience in divorce laws, I help my clients further appeal their cases to the high court.

Arbitration & Mediation

I am skilled in ADR issues, have dealt with numerous cases in the past, and hold a thorough understanding of?arbitration laws.

Builder Delay Fraud

Many clients came to me with fraud promises done by builders, with my practical knowledge in the RERA field. I helped them out with justice in favour of my clients

Business Compliance

I serviced my clients by performing my duty in the legal compliances and financial risk management strategies and the development of implementation auditing and monitoring programs.

Business Fight

clashes between two partners in businesses are very often witnessed, I help my clients by giving advice and guidance to get to a mutual and beneficial decision

Cheque Bounce

With my thorough knowledge of the Negotiable Instrument Act and practical experience of cases cheque bounce, I helped my clients with their cases

Child Custody

?During divorce proceedings between couples, many parents were concerned about child custody. I provided them with answers and information about shared child custody and assisted them in reaching the desired outcome.

Christian Divorce

I assisted numerous Christian divorce seekers with their problems and offered them guidance, and assistance regarding their cases.

Corporate Drafting

I am a corporate attorney, who deals in cases of corporate sector issues I do corporate drafting according to my client?s business and company's need, thanks to my great knowledge and experience


I am a well-experienced criminal lawyer who deals with all kinds of serious offenses, provides the best guidance, and remedies their cases.

Criminal Matter

I assist clients who are dissatisfied with court rulings in criminal cases and wish to appeal to the higher court by raising an appeal on their behalf.

Cyber Fraud

I specialize in cyber fraud matters because they frequently include multiple jurisdictions and complex legal challenges, necessitating the knowledge of an experienced cybercrime attorney.


I am an experienced lawyer who deals in complex matters of divorce of every religion, about the settlement, petition, alimony, etc. My clients are always satisfied with my services.

Domestic Violence

I am a skilled and competent attorney who specializes in domestic violence cases. Several female clients came to me with complaints about experiencing cruelty, torture, and physical abuse; I assisted those by helping them take a stance for their rights.

GST Registration

Many clients with established businesses didn?t know about GST registration and its benefit, I helped make them understand bout the procedure and its importance.

High Court

Many unsatisfied clients came to me with their cases and order given by lower courts. I helped them raise an appeal for their cases to the High Court.

Illegal Possession

In my area of knowledge, dealing with the cases of criminal trespassers and possession of illegal property is popular and well known for winning lawsuits.

Legal Notice for Divorce

Many married people desire to start their divorce by filing a legal divorce notice since they are fed up with their marriage relationship. I provide all of my customers with the best divorce advice I can.?


I am a matrimonial lawyer dealing in all kinds of cases, my specialty lies in getting my divorced clients their monthly maintenance from their spouses

Money Recovery

I have experience creating tribunals for swiftly determining and recovering debts owed to banks and financial institutions, as well as for matters associated with or incidental to those matters.

NRI Property Issue

Many of my NRI?clients encountered difficulties when buying and selling their properties, but thanks to my magnificent understanding of NRI property laws, I greatly simplified the process for my clients.

Null & Void Marriage

Many people came to me?with complaints about their nullified marriages, relationships that are forbidden, unsound mind?spouses, etc. I assist those clients by educating them about invalid marriages, providing them with guidance, and counseling them.


Negotiations, due diligence, litigation, foreclosures, deed transfers, and coordination with lending agents or any other parties involved in the sale of a property are all ways that I assist my clients with issues connected to land property.

Real Estate

?My Clients were forced to enter a legal dispute with the builder and real estate developer after suffering financial losses as a result of numerous postponed projects and finding it challenging to invest in real estate. I assist my customers with their problems because of my extensive understanding of real estate legislation.

RERA Suits

I have experience dealing with numerous RERA lawsuits and conceptualizing the rights of the owners of property and am well-versed with the legality in the real estate sector.

Session Court

I am an expert lawyer with vast knowledge and deals in all kind of criminal cases in session court, giving satisfactory resolution was part of my job

Startup Legal Advisory

I hold a specialization in the specific area of law and provide clients with advising services.

Statement at Police Station

Many clients needed a lawyer who could help them to record their statements at the police station, I assisted them with their needs.

Statement CRPC 164

In accordance with section 164 of the CrPC, I assisted and advised my clients while they gave their testimony in front of a magistrate.

Taxation Issues

Taxpayer clients often have issues with calculations, errors, false reporting, liabilities, etc. My clients have always been satisfied with my services in the past, and I have a wealth of practical experience in tax law.

Trademark Registration

I am a qualified professional trademark attorney with practical experience, I helped my clients to register their trademarks and made sure that their trademarks policies and logo do not infringe on any other market competitors

Website Polices

Internet sites may contain terms and conditions or cookie files that need our permission to access. When designing website policies for my clients, I take into account the most recent knowledge of cyber tech laws in order to protect them from data breaches while they browse any website.

Reviews & Recommendations

Tarun Kumar Gupta
21 May 2022
The legal advisor prompted me to follow the right way…

03 Apr 2022
I'm extremely happy with understanding our necessities, meticulousness of work and brief reaction by your group on our new commitment of drafting arrangements for representative advantages.

20 Jan 2022
All arrangements were well managed by Lead India and her team. Helped to complete the process on time and well. Thank you

Ramesh Gaikwad
15 Nov 2021
Mujhe bahut aacha laga lead india law asosit me shaadi kr ke i feel very lucky.

06 Nov 2021
Nice helping and friendly staff

03 Aug 2021
I wanted to get married thru court procedure, lead India lawyer made it hassle free for me

Prateek Kumar
13 Jul 2021
Had the option to go with the appropriate choice because lawful guidance was given me.

Karan Kumar
01 Jul 2021
Lead india helped me in understanding my legitimate circumstance quite well. The direction gave to me by the legal advisor was well-suited. The legal advisor prompted me to follow the right way.

Bhanu Pratap Sisodiya
07 Jun 2021
This firm is outstanding. Subash ji gave me remarkable recommendation, stayed on pinnacle of things, explained the whole thing very honestly to me. he is wonderful individual having fantastic expertise and skill!!

Ajay Kumar
01 Mar 2021
The attorney's information on my legitimate issue was extremely valuable. I had the option to understand and deal with my legitimate matter well with the help of the Promoter. I was controlled in the appropriate heading by lead india.

Gyan Prakash
15 Jan 2021
Since lawyers devote themselves so completely to their business, clients have a genuine regard for them.

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