What to do if parents are forcing for divorce?

My name is X and I am from Gujarat. I have done court marriage with Y on 1 March 2024. And we ran away from home on 26 March 2024. After that, I was happily living with Y at his house with his Mom. After that, my parents were against this marriage, so they wanted to divorce us in any way they wanted. So after I stayed with Y only for 1 month, my parents took me to their place for 1 month. And with my family's pressure I and Y had to get divorced and now we have notarized the divorce on the stamp of 300 and now my lawyer has to file the case that we are getting divorced on mutual understanding in the court. But I want to go back with Y, then the case will go to the judge, then the judge will counsel me alone first? And if he will pass any judgment linking me and Y if I give all the correct facts there?

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Advocate By LEAD INDIA Answered: 27 Jun 2024

Yes, if you are not willing to get divorced with your partner, you can deny in the court that you don’t want to proceed further with this divorce procedure and your partner can do likewise. You can also ask your lawyer not to file the divorce application which will enable both of you to remain married. For further legal assistance contact us on our helpline number.

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