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A court marriage is a commonly used legal practice known all over the nation but is more of an overly running practice in smart cities like Delhi and other metro cities. Couples tend to choose to get married through legal procedures of court; where they get discriminated against caste, religion and other factors and face obstacles by the family members and society, that’s where the law saves those couples, as it is already mentioned in Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, about right to life and liberty.


Court marriage is often known as a simpler and economic process, where it saves huge expenses of all the rituals and ceremonies and delves you into the safest and shortest legal process to get married. It saves lots of time and money.

To get married in the capital region of Delhi NCR, there are certain jurisdictions according to the area you are resident in, where you can get married in just one day and the same day your marriage will be registered. There are certain marriage acts according to the religion like Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, etc. where marriage can be solemnized.

There are some certain eligibility criteria for the court marriage process:

  • Both the parties should attain the minimum legal age required by the law i.e., 21years for the groom and 18 years for the bride
  • There should be free consent of each of both the parties for getting married
  • The marrying parties should not be of unsound mind.
  • There should be no relationship between the two parties that is even remotely illegal or prohibited. ( If their custom permits it, a court marriage may occur within a prohibited relationship).
  • Both parties were not in any kind of active marriage relationship or their spouse is living with them already

Some required documents need to present for the registration of court marriage:

  • Four passport-size photos of each marrying party
  • Any government ID like a driving license, Aadhar card, passport, or ration card is required by both bride and groom
  • The date of birth certificate or certificate of 10th and 12th are required by the marrying parties.
  • Certificate of a dead spouse in case of a widow/widower getting married
  • A certificate of a divorce decree is required in the case of a divorced person getting married

Note: Two witnesses are required for this purpose, both should be of major age with their government ID and passport size photo So, if you are willing to get married in Delhi through court marriage procedure, then you should reach out to Lead India and Lead India can help you with court marriage in just one day with an easy and legal process.

Certificate of Marriage

The marriage Officer issues a certificate post signature on a declaration by both the Parties. Parties and witnesses must sign the marriage certificate. The couple receives their certificate after signing the document.

How Lead India Can Help You:

This is where we come as a team of Lead India. We help every willing couple who wants to get married through our best-experienced lawyers who will assist you until the completion of the whole procedure.

  1. Trustworthy & Confidential - We assure you that all your personal details & documents must be kept private. We never share these details with anyone.   
  2. Expert Advice – With the help of the best lawyer you can draft a suit or send legal notice to the other party.
  3. Zero Stress - You do not have to worry about the paperwork & complex process at the court. Our Associate will perform all these actions at the court. 
  4. Top Quality Lawyers - Lead India will help you to choose among the best lawyers you can file a case in the Court against the other party. Lawyers will help in initiating legal action for violation of rights or breach of the agreement or law. There are different associates who work with us, you can choose a lawyer depending upon their practice area, experience & user rating. 
  5. Track Your Case - We provide you the opportunity to track your cases from the online dashboard. You can easily track your case status, payment status, etc.

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FAQs On Court Marriage In Delhi

anyone, regardless of religion. In accordance with the Special Marriage Act of 1954, marriages can also be performed by Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, or Jews. Under the provisions of this Act, interreligious marriages are performed.
Anyone can be a witness to court marriage, including family members, friends of the couple, coworkers, and friends. Additionally, a court marriage must be solemnized in front of three witnesses.
Though you were court married in Delhi's jurisdiction, you can register in any city for marriage.

No polygamy is not allowed in the Hindu religion, It is both prohibited and illegal, but it’s allowed in the Muslim religion to have polygamy.
Note: The practice of having multiple spouses is known as polygamy.

Yes, a divorcee person can court marry again to any person after obtaining a divorce decree from the court.

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