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The Lawyer in Lucknow will dismiss the opponent's clients by lack of evidence. Additionally, the approach will be to prove you innocent with pieces of evidence and the lawyer will start with 2 best versions of the truth. Who will handle my case?
Yes, Lawyer in Lucknow will pursue as you like and we can start with arbitration, mediation or conciliation whatever suits your case and later if the need be, can pursue in court.
Yes, you can visit the 'reviews' section on our website to read client's feedback. For confidentiality purpose we cannot share their personal details of case & respective outcomes with you.

The fee of Lawyer in Lucknow differs from lawyer to lawyer depending upon various factors such as; case type, lawyers understanding, lawyer's experience, track record and area of practice.

Lead India provides the best lawyer with related expertise to your case from its panel. Additionally, Lead India serves you with: trustworthy lawyers who keeps your information confidential and gives you the expert advice which reduces your stress to zero.
You will be given a unique Id and password once the booking is done where you can track the status of your case. Additionally, you will get the personal contact details of lawyers who will be handling your case making updates easily available to you
No, you will not have to pay separately for the details of Lawyer in Lucknow assigned for your case.
Perfect Lawyer in Lucknow can be chosen from our portal which has several categories depending upon the services. Before hiring a lawyer, you should focus on the area of specialization, feedback of clients along with the experience.
Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to hire a lawyer from the state where the case has been filed as the local lawyer will have better knowledge and understanding of the local laws and procedures followed in the court.
In most cases you will get the chance to discuss your issue face to face. However, if for any reason you are not able to come up for a meeting you will get 100% assistance over call.

Client's Reviews

Vivek Ranjan
17 Dec 2021
Review By: Adv. Sanwar Mal Sharma

Extraordinarily useful and knowledgeable legal professionals. Their steering helped us lots.

Hitesh Kumar...
09 Jan 2022
Review By: Adv. Irfan

The advocate correctly advised me on the merits of my case.

Rahul Kujur
23 Feb 2022
Review By: Adv. Jaswant Singh

My significant other's check bob carried us to begin partner with Lead India. I was constantly invited, regarded, and exhorted. I understood that my family acquired new companions, individuals that were there to help us when it was harsh. I regard their convenience in their work. I can continue to compose yet there are insufficient words that would portray how grateful I am.

Apurv Jain
25 Jan 2021
Review By: Adv. Kushal Kabra

Law firm

Maruti Koppal
20 Sep 2023
Review By: Adv. Souradyuti Dey

The attorney's information on my legitimate issue was extremely valuable. I had the option to understand and deal with my legitimate matter well with the help of the Promoter. I was controlled in the appropriate heading by lead india.

Supriya Sharm...
21 Apr 2022
Review By: Adv. Adv Sachin Kahare

I highly suggest Lead India because they were quite helpful to me and kept me informed at every stage of the process till everything was resolved.

Pankaj Sen
15 Jan 2021
Review By: Adv. H I Sirguroh

यह एक बहुत ही अच्छी और संवैधानिक संस्था है जिसके द्वारा संविधान से प्राप्त अपने अधिकारों का उपयोग किया जा सकता है मैं इस संस्था पर पूर्ण रुप से विश्वास करता हूं।

Chandra Shekh...
22 May 2021
Review By: Adv. Rohit Yadav

She is very understanding as a lawyer. I'm happy to receive service from her.

Saba Shaikh
20 Jan 2022
Review By: Adv. Venkateshwarlu

The Matrimonial Services offered by Lead India Law Associates are really Mood. They provide very experienced professionals like Court marriage Advocates

Vikas Kumar
12 Aug 2021
Review By: Adv. Shashiraj R. Kotian

My Experience with Lead India was amazing. They keep me posted about everything beforehand. I think they overcharged me a bit but I was okay with that as I was doing the court marriage where things can get worse if you skip a single thing. So Overall I recommend Lead India to every couple who wanted to do a court marriage.

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