How To Do Arya Samaj Marriage In 2 Hours Only

Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act, 1937


Arya Samaj Marriage is the easiest, less time-consuming & legally valid way for the marriage of couples. The Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act, 1937 confirms that all Hindus including Jains, Sikhs & Buddhists can perform their marriage in Arya Samaj Temple & the Marriage certificate is completely valid for the registration of marriage in the court.

All the marriages performed in a valid Arya Samaj Temple follows all the Hindu rituals of marriage. The Hindu Pandit conducts the marriage with a complete marriage ceremony - seven Pheras around the fire, spell Vedic mantras, etc.

Arya Samaj Marriage is also valid in inter-caste marriages among Hindus. Both the partners must belong to the same Hindu religion irrespective of their castes. This is not valid if both partners belong to different religions. If both the partners belong to different religions then, the court marriage is performed according to the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Is the Marriage Certificate from Arya Samaj Temple valid?

As I have discussed earlier, the marriage of couples in Arya Samaj Temple is completely valid for the marriage of Hindu couples under the Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act, 1937. The Arya Samaj Temple must be registered & you have to complete the marriage registration in the same jurisdiction.

Eligibility Criteria For Arya Samaj Marriage :

1) Age Criteria: In India, child marriage is considered illegal. Everyone must have to follow the minimum age criteria for all marriages in India. The minimum age of male & female partners for Marriage - 21 years & 18 years respectively.

2) Hindu Religion & Rituals: In Arya Samaj Temple, all the marriages are performed according to the Hindu Rituals - 7 Pheras around the fire & hymns by the Hindu priest. Both the partners must belong to Hindu Religion including Jains, Sikhs & Buddhists.

How A Non-Hindu Can Perform Arya Samaj Marriage?

  • A Non-Hindu: Muslim, Christian, Parsi & Jews can also perform their marriage in Arya Samaj Temple.
  • But, they have to go through a special process conducted in the Arya Samaj Temple called Shuddhi.
  • Generally, Shuddhi is a conversion process in which a Non-Hindu is converted to Hindu Religion with the free will & consent of the person.
  • If you want to marry as per the Arya Samaj then, you should go through the Shuddhi process & become a follower of Hindu rituals.

Documents Required For Arya Samaj Marriage

1) Proof of Birth: Class 10 Marksheet or Birth Certificate

2) Proof Of Address: Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/ Address Proof/ Ration Card

3) Photos: Passport size photos of Bride & Groom

4) Witness: 2 witnesses are required

5) Divorce Certificate: If you were in a previous relationship and have taken a divorce in the past then, you have to submit the divorce order you have received from the court.

6) Death Certificate: If you were in a previous relationship & your partner died in the past then, you have to submit the death certificate of your spouse.

What are the Rituals performed in the Arya Samaj Marriage?

1) Varmala Ceremony: It is also known as Jaimala. The ritual of Varmala is explained in our ancient Vedic Literature. The exchange of garlands by the Bride & Groom confirms that both of them accept each other publicly. Generally, the garlands are considered pious and made up of fresh flowers like - Rose, Lotus, Orchids, etc.

2) Parikrama or 7 Pheras Around The Fire: It is one of the most important steps in the marriage performed in the Hindu Religion. The concept of parikrama is explained in the Vedas of Hindu Religion which confirms the acceptance of the soul of both partners. Both partners take 7 Pheras ( Parikrama ) around the fire & every parikrama has some specific meaning.

a) In 1st round - both of them pray for good & healthy food.

b) 2nd round - for good physical, mental and spiritual health.

c) 3rd round - for wealth & strength to face the difficulties in life together.

d) 4th round - for more respect & responsibility for each other’s families

e) 5th round - for beautiful, healthy & good children

f) 6th round - for peace, harmony & love among each other

g) 7th round - for loyalty, companionship, maturity & understanding among each other

3) The Ceremony of Sindoor & Mangalsutra: In the Hindu Religion, Every married woman wears a sindoor for the long life of her husband. At first, the groom put the sindoor on the bride’s forehead & hair during the ceremony of sindoor-dan. After then, the woman wears sindoor every day.

It is believed that the mangal sutra shows the pious, loyal & strong bond between both partners. During the marriage, the groom puts the mangal sutra on the bride’s neck. The wife wears that for the entire life for the good life of her husband.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Arya Samaj Marriage

It takes around 1-2 hours for the completion of the Arya Samaj Marriage of male & female partners in Arya Samaj Temple.

You should contact a matrimonial lawyer. He can easily check the legitimacy of the marriage certificates. If you want to take free legal advice or talk to a lawyer then, Click here to talk to the best lawyers in India.

1) Low Budget Marriage: Sometimes people take heavy loans & sell their house or lands for the marriage of their daughter. You should not spend excess money on unnecessary things during the marriage. Arya Samaj Temple is the best place for the marriage of Bride & Groom.

2) Limited Guest: A few guests are allowed in the marriage at the Arya Samaj Mandir. The marriage is performed without any hassle or tension.

3) Rejects Child Marriage: We already know that child marriage is illegal in India. The Bride & Groom have to submit their documents like Birth Certificates, Address Proof & ID Proof. The Arya Samaj Marriage discards the Child Marriage

4) Prohibition Of Liquor: Generally people consume liquor substances that result in fighting or terrible activities at marriage places. Sometimes, this led to a huge conflict among the members from the bride & groom side. But, Wine or liquor substances are not allowed in the Arya Samaj Marriage. It helps you in the completion of your marriage peacefully.

5) Certified Marriage: You will receive the certificate of marriage from the Arya Samaj Temple. You can register your marriage in court easily with the help of this marriage certificate.

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3) Transparent Service: We provide a unique online dashboard for each client. They can check the online status of their case from there.

4) Authentic Certificate: You will receive the genuine & authentic certificate of marriage from the Arya Samaj Temple. We will help you to complete your marriage within 2 hours along with the marriage certificate.

5) No Extra Charge: You do not have to pay any extra charges for your Arya Samaj Marriage. No one has to pay any hidden fees

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